27 March 2010

Fascinator workshops

We are very excited about collaborating with a hat designer-Holly Dench for our new Fascinator class. This workshop will be held at a fantastic new bar venue The book club in Leonard street, London EC2A 4RH. At the end of the workshop we will all enjoy a fab cocktail together, admiring each others unique creations.

Fascinator workshop info

26 March 2010

Great video tutorial

As Thrifty Stitchers we hoard everything, and our students have access at our studio to a massive selection of fabric, ribbon, trims, haberdashery and buttons to make their projects during a class.
I have just discovered this great website- Make it and mend it, which has incredible tutorials. this one is a video showing how to create stylish 'designer' cushions with scraps and bits and bobs you already have. We love it.......


24 March 2010

Recent students

We have been super busy in March, and have met some fantastic students, all of whom astound us with their individual creativity. here is a little selection of some of our fabulous students with the projects they completed at a Thrifty Stitcher class

Our tips of the month

Our Blog of the month
This blog is dedicated to all things retro. sewers from all over the world contribute with pattern reviews, and project ideas

Thrifty’s Book of the month-
This book is aimed at anyone who wants to start making clothes, and who doesn't want to have to fiddle about with patterns. There are several projects to make, all with instructions on how to cut out directly from the fabric. A really good starting point for beginners wanting to progress quickly into making garments. Spring is now here so why not rustle up a simple wrap skirt- no tricky fastenings.......

Sew What! Skirts by Francesca DenHartog 

Penny saver tip of the month-

At this time of year many of us are thinking about spring cleaning. Don't spend lots of money on products to refresh your clothes. Buy a really cheap,non branded bottle of vodka, put into a water spray bottle, and spritz it under the armpits of your clothes. The alcohol evaporates and takes odour particles with it! It is a good idea to test a small hidden area first, as sometimes it can make colours run. 
Honestly this really is one of the best ways to get odours out of clothes, we use it all the time in the theatre, it is more natural than many chemical products. Dry cleaning only cleans your clothes, often trapping the odours into the fibres