29 May 2010

Day 2 in NYC

Today was really about catching up with pals. I have done a few shows in New York and made friends with the american crews that I met. I also have some really great american actor friends that I worked with in London, and I try to see them all whenever I can.

I love central park, but almost avoid it as I always get lost, today was no exception.....
I had arranged to meet my friend Jeremy and his wife south of the turtle pond, another pal Matt was gonna swing by too. Central park has no signs inside it, and although it's a lovely place to wander through aimlessly, that's not so good for meeting people! After 15 mins of aimless wandering i called matt, who started to look for me. I had wandered into an area called the rambles, and got lots of differing advice on where to go! Needless to say, i had to retrace my steps and get back to the street, and matt had already left. I finally hooked up with Jeremy and Linda, and was excited to see that they are expecting. We went into the park and met with some of their friends who were picnicing, really lovely to hang out in the blazing sunshine with pals.

My next meeting was almost 100 yards away at the open air theatre in the park. Kimberley and i got some lunch and caught up on the lawn. She only had an hour dinner break, but it was so good to see her, it's been 2 years since i saw my american chums!

I caught the subway downtown to 50th street, and did a quick stop off at 2 theatres to say hi to other Costume pals who were working. Jessica is on 'La Cage' and we had a really brief, lovely chat. Robert is on 'Rock of ages' and we had an even briefer chat, but so good to see him. As i was leaving the theatre i ran into a Stage manager that i'd worked with in London- small small world.

I hot footed back onto the subway to meet Matt and Jason on 14th street and 8th avenue. We spent a really fun evening bar hopping in the village, starting in the stunning bar at the Jane hotel. Really glad i came to new york just for the opportunity to catch up with my friends- facebook is just not the same as sitting down together!

A little tipsy i got on the NJ transit and almost missed my stop! Luckily for me, another passenger woke me up......

28 May 2010

Day 1 in NYC

I took the NJ Transit into the city- journey time door to door from hotel to penn station around 1 hour. Not too bad considering i got lost on the newark airport mono rail system.- a round trip into the city is $30, so reasonable

The early part of the afternoon was spent at a knitting session in Purl Soho with the amazing Jeremy. I used to be a knitter until I discovered chopping up big pieces of fabric rather than making them. In 1992 i began knitting a cute jumper, which has been in my cupboard ever since, Jeremy refreshed my knowledge with some advice on cabling, increasing and decreasing, and i felt like it hadn't been so long since i knitted! I love the shop in broome street SoHo and wish i could have bought everything!

I moved onto a shop called sew fast, sew easy that also teaches sewing. It is a small shop inside a large building, and although i was hoping to browse the selection of gadgets i was rather rushed into making my purchases which were some nifty magnetic seam allowance guides , flexi rulers , and a couple of books. It's a shame i couldn't have stayed longer, but the owner had a student she needed to get back to.

I strolled about 20 blocks up to central park, and sat enjoying some rays, i was joined by a really colourful rickshaw driver called garth, who wanted to chew the fat a little.

My next stop was MOMA- a museum i have meant to visit on every one of new york trips. Luckily for me on friday evening it's free- so it was really buzzing. great photographic exhibition by female photographers.

On leaving Moma, i had a great cheap mexican in Chipotle- a sort of fast food mexican place, so it was pretty cheap and really tasty. I left the restaurant and strolled through the manic hustle bustle of times square, which never fails to delight me. there are several ships in port this weekend, so the city is teeming with sailors in crisp uniforms.........

Caught a double decker NJ transit train back to the airport and my hotel. Train full of colourful characters

27 May 2010

On tour!

I have been lucky enough with my theatrical career to have come to NYC every year between 2003, and 2008. However my last visit was march '08, so when i got a tour with Prima Donna to Canada i jumped at the offer to have a few days in NYC before i started.

So here I am, attempting to have a 'Thrifty' trip to NYC as I am skint, any money saving tips I glean in the next 3 days, shall  be passed on. My first money saving idea was to stay out of Manhattan itself as hotels this weekend are really expensive due to it being a holiday. For half the price I am at the renaissance newark airport, and I will commute into the city.

Never really having explored new jersey before, i am off in a moment to Jersey garden's outlet mall- a massive 200 discount shops! Banana republic factory stock too, which could be dangerous......