8 January 2011

Invest- My last aspirational word for the year

My final new year word is "Invest"

This year i will be investing in my business both financially and emotionally. I had some administrative systems set up at the end of 2010, which dramatically improved the amount of time i spent managing the business. I will be continuing to invest in making the business operate more smoothly.
I am developing some interesting new collaborations which will add a new twist to our classes, all with exciting experts in their field..... watch this space.
I'm developing some exciting products to sell alongside the classes too, again i'm afraid that's a watch this space....

I'm going to be investing in my education, i've learnt an awful lot about business in the last 18 months, but there is so much more for me to learn, and i'm going to get stuck into some business training. I may also sign up for a masters in theatre costume, although not sure how i will fit it in.

The Thrifty studio is a great space, a real artisan studio with lots of lovely light. 2011 will see some investment in re-organizing the space, and making it more fluid and cohesive.

2010 saw lots of great new TV shows come to our screens, and i missed most of them. when you work at night there's not much chance to watch TV, and really there's only so much you can record. I will be investing time catching up on Mad Men, and Supernatural. Both are shows i've heard so much about but not really followed. So if you try and get hold of me in january, and can't it's likely i'm watching back to back mad men!

2011 is the year i am seriously thinking about my future- i will be investing in my personal financial security. This is the year i accept that i'm not going to marry a millionaire, and crack on with making my own future secure. Financially it's a year to get my head out of the sand...

Every day-    bit tough this one so i'm gonna take a pass on the daily act!
Every week - Learn something new, watch something new...
Every month - Put my latte habit into some savings...I drink a lot of lattes!
Throughout 2011- I'd like to live more cautiously, become a saver and not keep throwing caution to the wind

So that's it for my new year aspirations. Can't wait to see what this new year brings!

Happy stitching

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