25 February 2011

fascinating fascinators!

Here at The Thrifty Stitcher we are a little bit in love with fascinators. But what is a fascinator?

With the royal wedding looming, many of us think of Kate Middleton when we hear about fascinators, as she has often been spotted wearing them.

In actual fact the fascinator has been around since the 18th century, and was an indicator of an individuals wealth and status. Hats used to be worn primarily for warmth, and protection. the fascinator developed as way of decorating the head or hair purely for asthetic reasons, and were never worn to keep warm! Think Elton John and his fabulous ship wig, and that's the sort of confection worn in the 18th century.

With the rising interest in all things vintage, fascinators have had a massive resurgance over the last few years. Unlike hats, which need to fit your head perfectly, fascinators are one size and much easier to wear. Often fascinators are made with less materials than hats, and so are a more cost effective option for formal occasions like weddings.

Modern day fascinators can be anything from an elaborate sex and the city style head-piece to a simple flower behind the ear. The popularisation of burlesque has launched the sexy into mainstream culture.


We run fascinator classes and parties, and constantly look for new inspiration and materials. As Thrifty stitchers, we like to think outside the box, and use non traditional materials and techniques. We do also follow some simple millinery rules too, and we're so happy that from next month Chrissie the fabulous expert behind "hat therapy" will be writing a monthly millinery tips, techniques and what's hot blog for us here. Chrissie runs an amazing shop and online millinery business and we love her blog!
I Love Chrissie's work and her blog. She gives little glimpses into her working life, and shares her passion for hats.  I can't wait for her monthly slot here on the thrifty blog, but here is one of my favourite pieces from Chrissie's blog.

Our next Fascinator class is on feb 26th- tomorrow so do get in touch if you fancy a creative saturday afternoon... Otherwise see you next month.

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