3 June 2011

What someone's said.

Just had this lovely feedback from someone who attended a skill sharing day I participated in, made me feel all warm!

CL was really lovely. She was patient with me and my daughter (and pal) and explained things really clearly. Even when having to repeat, she didn't make us feel silly or as if we were wasting her time. She made eye contact and didn't patronise which means a lot to me, from someone who is technically very good. I felt like I could take what I had learnt home with me and carry on and develop further too."

Skill sharing is a fantastic way to engage with your neighbours and community and learn from each other. I attended one in Clapton, and it was a great day with tai chi, gardening, reiki, drumming, baking, history and sewing on the menu throughout the day.
Check out wether or not there are events near you, and if not then have a gobar organising one yourself.

Have a fab weekend. I have a day off to attend the wedding of a good friend, and an excited to see her in her dress

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