28 July 2011

Vintage style corsage

This weekend there is a large vintage festival happening here in london, and it's the perfect opportunity to make yourself a "Vintage" style corsage or mini cocktail fascinator. Don't worry, you don't need lots of equipment, and you may well have some materials lying about in your stash.
This is also the perfect project to 'upcycle' a couple of old fascinators you don't wear any more.

Fabulous professional Milliner Chrissie King of Hat therapy has kindly put together a mini tutorial for us. If you don't fancy making your own, pop over to her site and buy one of her fabulous vintage inspired pieces!

To make this corsage you will need
3 biot feathers
(available from Baxter Hart millinery supplies 10cm £2.20 about 25 - 30 in a 10cm strip many colours.
tel 01582 721381)

30CM of half inch petersham ribbon
1 brooch pin
1 button


Pull out 3 biots from your strip

Pull edge to edge and sew together  repeat with other 2 feathers
Sew all 3 together

Loop 1 end of petersham ribbon then rpt with the other 2, making them slightly bigger each time. Sew together

Sew your petersham bow and 3 biot loops together
Add your button by sewing through ribbon and biots ending with thread at the front, sew button.
Turn over and sew on your brooch pin secure well.

This can now be worn as a corsage or pin on a hat or headband.

If you use a woven fascinator disk that has a hair comb already sewn in you can create a mini cocktail comb.

Happy Summer

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