26 August 2011

New classes for Autumn

Most of the Thrifty Stitcher students want to move on from sewing machine basics to altering their own clothes. A trip to the dry-cleaners for short ladies like me with 4 pairs of trousers and a skirt to shorten adds up to a hefty £50 bill! Being able to do your own simple alterations means shopping freedom, you will no longer have to mentally add in the cost of getting that bargain adjusted. You can safely bag the best bargains and tailor them at home for free!

Once you've stopped being scared of the sewing machine, most new stitchers are keen to use commercial patterns. These patterns are a great way to start dressmaking, but can seem like you need to learn a whole new language. This autumn we are running a short class on de-mystifying paper patterns. There will be a bit of sewing involved towards the end of the session, so this class isn't for absolute beginners. But it's a great way to start understanding the language of patterns. If you're itching to start on a specific pattern, bring it along and get it out of the packet and onto some fabric!

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