7 November 2011

Delicious winter hair accessories from Hat Therapy

Another brilliant guest blog tutorial from my friend and expert milliner Chrissie, from Hat Therapy

To make yourself a simple hair clip/slide this winter which can be as simple or as fancy as you like, just follow these simple insruction.

1  Cut a feather shape in felt, either from millinery felt  [ available from Baxter hart and abraham in Luton. ] or from craft felt which you can buy from most craft shops.

2 Cut a piece of wire the same length as your feather shape

3 Decide how many cuts you want into your feather towards the center but be careful not to cut too far.

4 Sew your wire along the center BACK this will give your feather support and allow you to give it shape.

5 Now you can trim your feather with sequins, bottons, beads, glitter  etc.

6 Using the same technique make some leaves too

6 Add to a hair clip or hair slide use a strong glue  like uhu. Why not make a few and arrange in a cluster like this?

This is a great way to decorate a simple felt cloche, and works on the humble beret too!

Happy Stitching!

Love from Chrissie

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