4 January 2012

RENEW-my second aspirational word for 2012


This word allows me to accept the things i didn't achieve in 2011 and renew my commitment to them.
Last year i chose the word CREATE as one of my words, and sadly this is an area that slipped by.

I am Renewing my commitment to getting more personal creativity into my life.
I am Renewing my commitment to seeing more of my friends
My Best friend who i've not seen in months!
In 2012 RENEW for me is a personal commitment to renewing my wardrobe. I don't plan to do this with a big shopping spree however. I lost a lot of weight in 2011, and much of my wardrobe is now way too big for me. I have many great pieces that I love, and replacing them would be not only expensive, but very wasteful as the clothes are all still good.

I am a "Thrifty" Stitcher after all, so for the first 3 months of 2012 I will not be buying any new clothes except underwear and jeans. I plan to alter all the pieces in my wardrobe that I love, and re-fashion the pieces that are not alterable. I shall blog about this journey here.

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  1. I set myself a new years challege 2 years ago when i was on maternity leave. no new clothes for as long as i can manage. Glad to say i made it til April before i had the urge to splurge!!!!
    unfortunately, i havent managed it again since. Good luck