22 April 2011

Easter bonnet tips!

It's Easter weekend, and many of us will be attending Easter bonnet parades. Why not make one with a twist? Create a fun Easter Fascinator that you can wear again.

I build pieces on a Foam head, but you don't have to have one, just make sure there is a mirror near by so you can keep checking what it looks like on your head.

You'll need something to keep it on your head, a cheap head band or Comb will do. Head-bands are easier to wear, but combs don't mess up your hairstyle.

Collect some materials that inspire you- this piece has lots of vintagey fake flowers that i bought in dalston market.
I used some cheap pearl bracelets twisted at the front of the piece
 I also used an artificial bird from cnj florist supplies

Another element was some scrunched up netting at the back of the piece, adding some height

You'll need something to stitch or stick all your bits too. Ready made fascinator bases are easy to use and not super expensive. I used a vintagey tear drop shape from The trimming company, and then covered it with some satin and lace.

  • Using a glue gun( readily available from diy stores) cover your base with fabric
  • Pin all the elements onto your base, and arrange in a pleasing style. I started with the bird and then arrange the flowers around him.
  • Once you are happy with your design, take a few pics from different angles, you need to dismantle the piece a little to actually glue or sew all the elements onto the base so you want to remember what went where!

  • Glue or stitch all your elements onto the base- I started with the flowers and glued, then the bird which i stitched through the wire on his feet. then i pushed the net into the back and secured with a stitch. Finally i stitched the twisted pearls along the front edge of the flowers.

You now need to attach to your comb/headband.

Head band- 
  • Securely glue the outside points of the base to the band at the points it sits on the band, when you line it up on your head.
  • Cut a piece of leather/felt the shape of the base and glue inside and over the headband. This makes it more secure, and hides any stitching inside the base
  • Stitch your comb onto a piece of felt/leather that's the shape of your base and sits neatly inside. Just stitch the corners loosely, as the comb needs some movement. 
  • Line up the piece on your head and mark where the comb needs to sit inside the piece.
  • Glue the felt/leather shape inside your base
  • Pin curling a small section of your hair will help anchor the comb when you wear it.
Voila- an easter bonnet fascinator. You can use all kinds of materials, and just let your imagination run wild

Happy Easter- CL x

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