28 April 2011

A royal wedding Cocktail hat!

This is the second mini tutorial from the delightful milliner Chrissie King of Hat Therapy
Chrissie and i met over on Twitter, why not follow her there! @hattherapy


1 Cut a piece of simamay {a hat making supply} 12 inch long by 7inch wide on the bias  [that is found diagonally at 45 degrees to the straight of grain]

2 Fold in half by gently pressing down with palm of your hand
3 fold in the ends and press with iron

4 press with iron across whole of piece this will give you a sharp edge
5 fold in half again with palm of hand then with the iron [ not too hot]

6 roll around your rolling pin and making sure it can't escape! Steam with iron then hold it on the rolling pin till cold- This sets the material into a curl

7 gently pull rolling pin out and you will have a curl !!
8 stitch in same colour either by hand or machine along the 3  open sides and press again.
9 stitch a straw disk to a woven headband [all avail from Baxter Hart in Luton]

Add your curl in what ever way you wish and then trim with buttons feathers etc or just add an extra curl in a different size.

hey presto You have a cocktail hat. Perfectly quick for a last minute street party accessory

Chrissie King of Hat Therapy

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