4 October 2009

First class

I got an early last night, because I am terrified about our first ever class today!

Alex arrived at 8.30 am, and my boyfriend who has had a really hard week opening 2 plays this week, got up to come and help us.

Once we arrived at the studio, we had to try and move Alex's cutting table which has rolls and rolls of fabric underneath, and was very very heavy. We had to take most of the stuff out from underneath, and eventually we managed to move it!

My boyfriend helped us finish re-arrange the studio, and then put up signs. He was a charming host as our students arrived.
There was a lot of service disruption with our lovely transport system so people arrived in dribs and drabs. At about 11.30, we got going, and from that point on we had such a great time, all the planning, and logistical stuff slipped away and we just played with buttons/felt and sewing machines.
We made the most of the last few rays of sunshine, and took our lunch in the park across from the studio. After lunch everyone got going with their selected project-a cushion/or a bag. We had some delicious cupcakes mid afternoon, and a little over the allotted finish time, we took our first group picture with all our group displaying their finished project.

Alex and I had a little clear-up once the ladies had left, and then went home exhausted!!!

Hooray, one down, many more to come-(hopefully)

cl x

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  1. As a proud member of the first ever T-S class, I am very happy to say my cushion is very at home on the sofa, and my bag is brimming with goodies! The class was great, a really good pace, and I learnt lots in a very short space of time- the day flew past! As well as getting to grips with making, and learning not to be afraid of the sewing machine, what was really good were the many top tips CL and Alex passed on. I would highly recommend popping along for a class, not only do you learn, but have great fun doing so, and meet some lovely people.
    Thanks Ladies xx