22 October 2009

so so tired of the worldwide web!

Well, It is now 3.30 am, and this is at the end of a 2 show day for me so i am a little pooped!

I signed up this evening for search engine visibility with the company who host our little website. It was fairly cheap to do this, and now i now why. I have just manually registered our website with all the major search engines and answered the same questions about our business on each site!

I had such a great day up to the point that i tried to be web-site designer/manager/marketing manager/and head of publicity. What i had hoped to do was upload some lovely picture i took of projects i had people doing today. i have spent so much time trying to do the business side of the website, that i am now too exhausted to think about the bit i'm good at, the creative aspect of te business ie teaching sewing.

Web-site designers and geeks are there for a reason, us mere mortals cant possibly stay up all night, night after night trying to get seen on the worldwide web........ Arghh, i am very very tired of struggling to be an it support system, when i have only trained to make lovely clothes, and organize actors!

I still have yet to hear from facebook, who are supposed to be getting abck to me about how i link the facebook site with my web-site,still california is a long way away, and it was only 3 days ago that they promised to deal with my query asap.

On a happy note, i think i have finally worked out how to upload pics onto this blog...hooray for video tutorials on the net..

here we go- a wee "yo yo" brooch I made today

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